Check out what your favourite brands have in store for vehicle protection

Check out what your favourite brands have in store for vehicle protection

Your warranty expiration date is close? Here is what you can do…

We are all filled with joy and security when we first bring home our dream car. We feel safe, until the factory warranty runs out. The expiration of the warranty, not only takes away the security you had, but it also takes the joy away. Every time you take your car out for a ride, you are thinking about the hefty amount you might have to pay if the car even gets a scratch. Well, don’t let the expiration of warranty let expire your joy too. Support your car with a Vehicle Protection Plan. One thing that we can surely suggest, is that throughly read the contract before signing it. As customers, you need to be wise with the plan you get, and aware of what is out there in the market for you. To give you a head start, here are the plans the top 5 auto company’s provide :-

1. Toyota (Vehicle Eligibility up to 3 years or 36,000 total vehicle miles)

The Toyota financial services are brief and comprehensive. Toyota offers three plans to choose from. The cheapest is the Powertrain plan, in which the engine, transmission, axle-assembly, and few more essential components of your Toyota car is protected. The Gold Plan is the second most expensive plan they have, and it covers everything in the previous plan, and has additional coverages. Subsequently, the most expensive plan is the Platinum plan is the highest level of service agreement you can possibly get from the Toyota Financial Services.


2. Honda (Customise your plan with additional benefits)

Honda has four categories of protection plan that you can choose from according to your budget and needs. The cheapest one they have in store is the Powertrain coverage. The name of the plan describes the content of the plan. The power train coverage supports you with the most expensive repairs, like of engine, transmission, and drivetrain. The second is the Silver coverage. The silver plan covers everything that is in the powertrain coverage, and has additional protection for a few more amor components. Subsequently, the second most expensive plan is the gold coverage. The gold plan includes everything that a silver plan includes, plus coverage against the more high-tech components of latest models. Lastly, the most expensive and comprehensive plan is the platinum plan. The platinum plan includes all of the above and more. Honda Auto Care Near You.

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3. Chevrolet (Buying options available Online)

Chevrolet offers a comprehensive Protection Plan. The plan covers 1000+ parts of your Chevrolet. You can also opt to add more plans to your bucket for more protection. Chevrolet has many more such plans starting from Pre-paid maintenance, Appearance Guard, Tire and wheel protection, Advanced Lease protection, etc. Chevrolet Auto Care Near You.

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4. Ford (Interest Free Financing)

Ford offers three types of services that protects your Ford after the warranty. First is the Extended Service Plan. In this there are four types of coverages, namely, Powertrain Care, Base Care, Extra Care, and Premium Care. Then there is a Premium Maintenance plan that Ford customers can avail. Thus covers everything that has to do with the maintenance of the car. Lastly, there is an Additional Plans that can be added in your basket as per your needs. Ford Auto Care Near You.

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5. Mercedes Benz (Customisation Available)

Mercedes Benz has limited options as compared to the above listed brands. One of their most popular products is their Pre-paid Maintenance plan. This plan allows you to lock-in the cost of the essential services. The second product is their extended warranty. They also have First Class Protection Products like, Wheel and Tire protection plus, painless dent repair, key protection, interior and exterior protection, etc. Mercedes-Benz Auto Care Near You.

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